It all began in the mid-eighties with Tom Murrant, founder of Sealine designed and built the model. 'Sealine Friski` this was subsequently sold onto Chris Collman of quay marine in 1988 who were then based on the river Hamble in Southampton. This was where and when the product 'Quayline` name was to be born.

Sealine Friski

I, Steve Pike (better known as spike) had previously joined quay marine in 1987 as an apprentice, and consequently worked on the Quayline product. When in 1992, Olly Taylor (whose trade name was quay craft ltd), another employee of quay marine at that time, bought the Quayline moulds and continued to build the Quayline range contracting Fletcher Sportsboats from 1995, whom had vastly improved the product to a higher build standard.


It wasn't until 1999, that Olly then sold the rights and moulds to myself. These included the currently produced Quayline 16 and reefrunner16 (fishing boat version) the 'Qualine 18' built previously for Quayline (sales) ltd), and the impending Qualine 20 that I have developed to add to the range.


Since 1999, I have prided myself with the fact that I have personally manufactured each and every one, making them quite unique in today’s industry. In addition, every effort has been made to achieve the highest specification for such a compact boat. I hope you will agree that as well as being both versatile and practical it is an attractive boat with a luxurious look both inside and out, and includes some of those creature comforts to make every trip enjoyable, all for an affordable price.


My partner Debbie and I would like to ensure you of our utmost attention and we would welcome the opportunity of providing you with a boat that we are certain you would be as proud to own as we are.


I will have more to add in history soon.